Do you see this? This caused the biggest mess. I was also without a side table for two weeks. (okay, I put my cutting board on top as a make-shift table top)  I was sweeping and bumped into the couch pretty hard and the couch pushed over my little side table. I’m still finding tiny bits of glass hiding. I loved this little thing from Tj Maxx. It had an intricate design etched into the glass top and the bottom shelf. Well not anymore… I called around to some glass cutters in town and they told me it would be around $37 for each replacement piece. Boo. You know I’m not down for that.  What the heck is a girl supposed to do with a side table without a top? This…. this is what you do… do it your own little self for practically $0.

Side Table_After 1

Grab yourself some basic plywood. Measure your opening, mine was 14 inches. Draw the outline on your plywood and cut it with jigsaw. (or get someone else to) You might need to use some sandpaper to get rid of any rough edges left over from the saw. Drybrush your color choice of paint and let it dry. Go ahead and do the undersides too for good measure. I put a couple coats of polycrylic for protection. Wait for it to dry and add some trim if you want. There you have it. Easy, right?

Side Table After_2

Side Table After_Abe2


 Abe is so over this project.

What else could I have done for a similar price? Any ideas? Have you had this happen to you?

– Chelsea

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Broken Glass Top Table
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