I’ve got a major crush on Burts Bees Baby. Everything we own of theirs is so very loved. Their products are 100% organic cotton and wash up so soft. I just feel good about putting it on my girl. Just recently, they released their “Beekeeper” wearable blanket. I mean, how genius is that name? They are the cutest.

The Beekeeper is a wearable blanket designed to replace loose blankets in the crib.  I love the fact that it is extra long so that Ro has plenty of room for her legs to move freely. Length has been an issue with other sleep sacks and wearable blankets we have used in the past.  She can’t get out of it and it doesn’t restrict her movement. It doesn’t hurt that they are super stylish and coordinate well with the other pieces we already own from Burts Bees Baby, and that’s important! ;)

I love knowing that she hasn’t kicked her blanket off in the middle of the night. I typically used to go in and check on her blanket twice before I went to sleep. Now I don’t worry about it moving around at all. Other features I admire include the tab closure that keeps the zipper pull hidden and out of reach, the thoughtful design to keep the zipper from touching her skin, and the inverted design that helps make those late-night diaper changes easier.

To find out more, I’ve linked the Burts Bees Baby Beekeeper page HERE.

She looks snug as a bug, right? The Beekeeper is already becoming a staple in our nighttime routine.  I do wish we would have started out with these wearable blankets from the time we started putting her in her crib! Go check out the different prints HERE.


Burts Bees Baby – Beekeeper

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