I’ll have to give Rowen some credit, she has been a pretty good sleeper for the majority of her little life. We have done it all at this point, and she just adapts to whatever we throw at her.  We started out with her in a rock and play beside our bed, then when she started trying to wiggle out of it around 6 months, we began cosleeping. That worked for a while, but she was basically nursing around the clock because she knew her food source was right there. That sense of smell is crazy! We kept that up until 9 months, and then decided to transition her to the crib so that we would all get better rest. Then came the Dockatot. Whew, typing that out really makes me realize how hard we made it for ourselves.

What is the DockATot you ask?

The DockATot is a multifunctional resting, playing, and lounging dock that has a womb like feel for your baby.  The breathable material creates a snug and safe environment without a bunch of buckles and ugly plastic characters hanging from it.  It is lightweight and has a handle so it’s easy to travel with and can easily be moved from room to room.  The DockATot was created in Sweden with an emphasis on design and comfort.  It comes in two sizes: the deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (8-36 months).  According to their website, “The DockATot™ has been rigorously tested and is fully compliant with both federal law and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission proposed standards, setting a new standard for baby lounger design and comfort.”

I have had my eyes on the DockATot for quite some time. I remember seeing them on Instagram long before Rowen was born. We didn’t know what it would be like for us. It truly makes me mad at myself that we didn’t snag one sooner! She could have easily slept in the DockATot Deluxe size between us for those first 9 months instead of trying all these different things and not getting great sleep. We got the Grand and have had some really great uninterrupted sleep ever since. So yeah, we officially docked our tot!


It’s like it’s her safe place. She just looks so cozy in it. I love knowing she feel comforted by it and that we know what to do next time around! You can learn more about DockATot on their website.  Also make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

P.S. If you sign up for their emails you can save $10!


DockATot // Product Review

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