There are so many times Chance has said, “where can I hang this in the living room?” I kind of wince and he knows that it just won’t happen. I know that sounds harsh and that our home should be a mutual balance of what we love, and it is! However, I’m not asking to put my sewing machine front and center in the living room, so the signed football print just won’t be going there either. It’s an ongoing struggle. Anybody with me? ;)

Here in our rental in NC, he has designated the guest room as his study and it’s kind of his room now… he is working 60+ hours a week on top of grad school. Whew. He spends a solid amount of time there, so I want to really make it his, you know? I was invited by Man Crates to take part in their “Man Cave Makeover” campaign. The idea is to find items to spruce up a dull man cave and make it as special as your man. Man Crates is a one-stop online shop for all the hard-to-shop for men in your life. They have all sorts of ideas and the gift comes packaged in a wooden crate that requires the supplied crowbar to pry it open. Manly right?

If you know Chance, you know he is an outdoorsy kind of guy. We hunt, we hike, we love to travel, he loves football, and I would definitely say he would choose the mountains over the beach any day. His ideal space would have a cozy modern lodge feel and be functional for multiple situations.


Man Cave Makeover -



It’s kind of dreamy, I think. I can just see him typing away while our pups get all snuggled up together watching him while the tobacco candle burns. Ideally, the couch would pull out to a bed for guests, because it is a guest room. The plants bring the outdoors in while the wallpaper really brings a homey vibe. How fun would it be to use the actual man crate to make that ottoman?? I mean, perfect. The Pipe Shelves could be a DIY and would not have to be that large. I found an easy DIY for those here.

Antler Outlet Cover

These outlet covers would be a handy item to include. They hold your phone while it charges! – Here –  I like the airy feeling of the desk. It’s modern and structural with plenty of leg room. The gray chair actually reclines and isn’t an eyesore like most recliners tend to be.  The prints on the wall are actually similar to things we currently own. Chance loves history, and more specifically he loves George Washington. Last Christmas I got him a print of “The Prayer at Valley Forge,” and he loved it. The map is a scratch off map of the world. It’s so fun to do together after a trip. We have several deer antlers, my most favorite ones just came recently. Chance got this one in Mexico! I am loving the chocolate color of the antlers and am begging for him not to mount it and to let me have them!

Mexico Deer
What do you think of a Man Cave like this? Is it hard to find gifts for your man? You ought to check out all the options Man Crates has to offer! I believe Chance would appreciate the Outdoor Survival Crate.
Outdoor Survival Crate

Well, that about covers it. If this man cave was in my house, I would definitely be crashing it when the husband isn’t around!

– Chelsea
Man Cave Makeover

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