Right now I’m working on updating our bedroom without doing anything crazy. We haven’t changed our bedding around since we first got married. We are currently using a plain white comforter and some mismatched throw pillows. It could be way worse, but sometimes you just need a change. Bedding can be an instant update! I’m hoping to mix patterns and textures with neutral colors.

neutral bedding

The picture above kind of sums it up for me. I don’t want things to look too uniform, I like a little mixing with my matching. Here is what I’ve come up with so far…




There is so much affordable home decor at H&M, this throw being at the top of my list.



Yorkshire Linen Co. has this neutral oatmeal striped bedding that would be great in any bedroom.


Etsy shops have lots to offer for bedding, the shams on this bed are a beautiful stone color.

White Velvet Pillow_notapassingfancyblog

I like the warmth that velvet can bring to a room. This throw pillow from Target has the texture I’m looking for.

Happy Pillow_Notapassingfancy

For a little whimsy and fun, I might add some graphic throw pillows in the mix. This one is embroidered and on Etsy.

This has been an update needing happen for a while now, and I’m excited to get it going. Are these things you would pick for your bedroom? More or less color? Let me know what you think about all this neutral bedding in the comments below, and find me on PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM!

Happy Wednesday!

– Chelsea

Neutral Bedding for Bedroom Makeover

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