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This past week, I was able to take part in a Valentine’s day goodies swap! This was such a cute idea and I had a lot of fun anticipating what my Valentine, Morgan @ Yellow Door Diaries, would pick for me! Morgan has an adorable blog where she shares her DIY projects, home decor, and more. She also has a new pup named Piper that is just too cute for words.



So cute, right? Morgan found the coziest, longest, brightest socks I have ever owned. Those things go well over my knees & I love it! Dove Dark Chocolates (that might just be gone now), Hair Ties, and some great nail polish were also included. I love the notebook she picked out, but I especially love that she wrote me a verse every few pages to find, so sweet! Thank you for your kindness, Morgan! I enjoyed each and every piece!

Thank you to Carly and Bella for organizing this Valentine’s Day Swap, it was so fun to be a part of! I loved having another way to celebrate the week of love! You can find me on Instagram & find the image above, click on #ValentinesGoodiesSwap to see what everyone else picked out for each other!

– Chelsea


Valentine’s Day Swap

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Swap

  • February 21, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Yay! So glad you love your swag bag. Those socks are totally adorable! I have that notebook too but in a teal color :) Thanks for joining us!! <3

  • February 23, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    SO glad you liked your goodies :) Grateful to have found your blog! <3


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