A Few Months Have Passed – Baby P!

Published by on July 1, 2015
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Last week I realized that I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’m talking since the end of February. Life has been a little different than I had anticipated so far this year. I figured that we would be slowly getting Chance through grad school and hanging around good ole’ New Bern. We have actually been traveling back and forth to Philadelphia since February to be with Chance’s sister, Summer. If you follow me on any form of social media, you may have been really confused as to why I kept going up there! To make a long story short, God had some plans for Summer and Patrick’s baby boy, Paxton, that required them to kind of put their lives on pause until he is born. Paxton has Spina Bifida, which means his spine didn’t finish closing in the womb. A lesion formed where his little back didn’t close and, depending on the severity, has the chance to damage nerves in his back. It can cause some problems, but we came up to Philadelphia in February for their fetal surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which closes the lesion to prevent any further damage to the nerves. Yes, that means Paxton had surgery when he was still in the womb! Miraculous, huh? It is not a cure, but is a choice they made to help him in any way possible. After the surgery, Summer stayed at the Philadelphia Ronald Mcdonald house and was there until Paxton was born on May 21st! Preterm labor was a factor, so Summer needed someone with her at all times. Family members swapped out staying with her every few weeks. It really has been a beautiful thing to be a part of and I have a whole new vision of what love looks like from Summer and Patrick.

Their new little family of three was able to leave the NICU and head back to Mississippi TODAY!!! I guess that wasn’t the shortest story… I couldn’t help but share it all! The day he was born, Chance’s youngest sister Roxie grabbed my camera to play photographer for the day and captured this sweet photo for me. His little hands were like that every single time during ultrasounds. I mean, seriously? Precious.

That little boy had so much love waiting for him in the waiting room!We love that little family and can’t wait until we move home to AL later this summer so we can take full advantage of our new Aunt and Uncle duties! Many family members helped Summer design Paxton’s nursery from Philly, so Summer hasn’t seen the finished product in person. I will hopefully be sharing it with you before too long! It is too adorable for my words to describe. Also, after our last trip to Philly, Aly Kay and Roxie came back to NC with us and are staying for a little while this summer. So. Much. Fun. They bring out my goofy side and I love hearing them laughing with their brother from the opposite side of the house.

Please say a prayer for the transition to life with a newborn for Summer and Pat, and for Paxton as he grows!

– Chelsea

Also, there is a link on the left sidebar if you would like to read Paxton’s whole story in their own words! It’s mind blowing, really.

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