Simple DIY sign for Baby Shower

Published by on August 3, 2015
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I have SO many people in my life having or just had little ones! It’s fun to see new stages of life happen in the lives of the people you love.  Sometimes it’s fun to give gifts that aren’t on the standard registry, although I understand you can NEVER have too many diapers. This gift was for a sweet girl I used to work with. She just had her adorable baby boy and his name is Oliver. She wanted to incorporate alligators in her nursery decor and little Oliver’s nickname is “Olligator”. How stinkin cute can you get?  I photoshopped this simple DIY sign idea together and had some fun with it.

Using some supplies that were hanging around in the garage, I came up with this little DIY sign for a baby shower. I painted the board with Van Gogh chalk paint in Mascara and let it dry. Then I used the same method that I used in THIS post to get both the letters and the alligator  just right before I painted them with some acrylic paint. After it dried, I sanded it all down just enough to add some character.

I picked some rope up at Lowes and figured out a way to tie it around the board. I got carried away and didn’t take a picture, so sorry! I’ll do my best to explain. I laid the rope in an upside down V and put the board on top of it leaving about a foot and a half of rope at the ends on each side. So I guess it looked like an A at this point. Then I took one end at a time and pulled it up to the top of the board, wrapped it three times loosly, and put the end down through all three loops. I had to work on each loop to make it tight, then I used the staple gun to secure it to the back of the board. I sure hope that wasn’t confusing. Anyway, what do you think? It’s easy enough, right? Let me know!

– Chelsea

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